Salt Lake Tribune

14 March 1914

Page 6, Editorials





            “Big Bill” Haywood is said to have written a letter to a friend in Salt Lake expressing the belief that “Utah is a field as promising as any in the west” for agitation by the Industrial Workers of the World.  That is not saying much for the I. W. W. outlook, for the entire west is very much against the propaganda and the people are inclined to use drastic measures to get rid of these human pests. 

            Utah is not a promising field for agitators of the Haywood stripe and never will be.  The men of this state ate generally law abiding and both able and willing to work for their daily bread.  “Big Bill” used to live here and ought to be pretty well acquainted with the manners and customs of the people.  If he really thinks he can come here and stir up trouble he will probably learn something to his advantage before he gets very far along in his programme.  Haywood would accomplish more in this world with a pick and shovel than by speaking on the street corners.  It might be a good idea to give him an opportunity to show what he knows about road building if he pays his contemplated visit and defies the law.