Salt Lake Tribune

8 March 1914

Page 32







            A plea of not guilty to a charge of murder in the first degree was entered before Judge M. L. Ritchie in the district court yesterday by Joseph Hillstrom, alleged murderer of J. G. Morrison.

            Time for a trial of Hillstrom will be set at the next regular setting of the criminal calendar.  He will be tried during the April term of court.

            Hillstrom and Otto Applequist, the latter a fugitive, are alleged to have entered Morrison’s grocery store on South West Temple street the night of January 10 and shot Morrison as he was bending over a sack of potatoes.  Morrison’s son, aged 17 years, fired upon the men and was in turn shot to death.

            Hillstrom was arrested the following day after he had applied to a physician in Murray to have a gunshot wound in his breast dressed.  He denies any connection with the crime, and so far has refused to offer any explanation as to his whereabouts at the time of the murder, averring that to do so would compromise the honor of a woman.