Salt Lake Tribune

11 June 1914

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Trial of Man Charged With Morrison

         Murders Begins in District




            Trial of Joseph Hillstrom, charged with the murder of J. G. Morrison, a grocer, in a hold-up of the grocery store last January 10, began in Judge M. L. Ritchie’s division of the district court yesterday.  At closing hour no juror had been obtained, though four men had been passed by the defense and will be examined by the state this morning.

            The men passed for cause by the defense are C. O. Dunshee, William Purt, Carl A. Miller and Joseph Mellon.

            The state will rely on circumstantial evidence.  Hillstrom was taken the day after the murder.  He was suffering from a severe gunshot wound in the breast.  It was known that young Arlin Morrison, who was murdered with his father, wounded one of the robbers in the fight.

            Hillstrom maintained silence as to how he suffered the wound in his breast, but later he said that he received it in an affair over a woman, whose name he refused to disclose because, he said, to do so would endanger her honor.

            Counsel for Hillstrom intimated yesterday that the woman would be put on the stand if necessary to save Hillstrom.