Salt Lake Tribune

31 January

Page 16







Officers Find New Witness

  Against Man Accused of

       Morrison Murders.



            New and vital evidence in the case against Joseph Hilstrom, charged with murder in the first degree in connection with the killing of John G. Morrison and his son John A. Morrison, is now in the hands of police. 

            A witness was found yesterday who not only was able to give information strengthening the charge against Hillstrom on the murder charge, according to the police, but who also knows his past history.  From the witness, the real name of the accused man was learned, the name Hillstrom being declared to be an alias.  It is believed that with the clearing up of a large part of the record of Hillstrom, information that will lead to the apprehension of Otto Applequist, wanted for complicity in the crime, will be obtained.  Both the name of the witness and the real name of Hillstrom are withheld from publication in the interest of further investigation. 

            According to Police inspector Carl A. Carlson, information has been obtained that more than ever fixes upon Hillstrom complicity in the crime.  Among other things, it has been found that Hillstrom and Applequist had not roomed together for two weeks before the killing.  The room of Hillstrom was searched yesterday and such personal effects as were found in it were taken to police headquarters.  Detectives George R. Cleveland and… (________ … Missing a whole line on copy) the case found that Hillstrom occupied the room until the night before the murders.  This same fact was found with regard to Applequist when his room was discovered some time ago. 

            The police believe now that the two had separate rooms to divert suspicion that might be aroused from being seen together.  The new witness, who will be called to testify at the trial of Hillstrom in the district court, had known him before and since he left his native town in Sweden.  While there Hillstrom, as he is now known, was employed as a café musician some time before he came to America. 

            According to the information secured by the detectives and the inspector, the man has traveled under many aliases.  He was recognized by the witness in question shortly before the Morrison murders, and through the recognition and circumstances following it, a strong link in the chain of evidence against the accused man is said to have been supplied.