Salt Lake Tribune

27 January 1914

Page 7







Displays No Interest in Salvation and

       Refuses Further Explanation

                  of His Wound.



            “Yes, I believe I have heard about him,” was the laconic answer yesterday of Joseph Hillstrom, when in his cell in the county jail he was told by a minister that through faith in Christ lay salvation for the truly repentant.

            As he made the remark the man held as a participant in the slaying of John G. Morrison and his son, John A. Morrison, smiled derisively.  Though the conversation was pressed by the churchman, Hillstrom refrained from taking part further.  He lidtened without comment to the exhortation addressed to him, but made no sign that he was repentant for anything he had ever done of that he craved salvation through forgiveness for sin. 

            So far Hillstrom has vouchsafed no other explanation of the bullet would in his side, from which he was suffering when taken from the Esilus home in Murray, than that first offered, that it was suffered on the night of January 10, the night of the Morrison murders, in a quarrel over a woman.  The identity of the woman he still stubbornly refuses to divulge, posing in the heroic attitude of being determined to keep her name from being smeared. 

            When addressed he listens indifferently to whatever is said to him, whether addressed by jailer or minister.  It makes little difference whether the subject be repentant of robbery or murder, it is said.  He remains unmoved and usually without comment, unless for an occasional remark, such as quoted above.