Salt Lake Tribune

20 January 1914

Page 16







Sketch Believed to Have Been

  Made by Hillstrom Depicts




            A cartoon of a burglar in the act of killing a policeman found in a suitcase belonging to Otto Applequist is regarded by the police as evidence of a criminal bent of mind on the part of the man sought as a participant in the Morrison murders.  The cartoon is thought to have been drawn by Joseph Hillstrom. 

            According to the police the cartoon is much like others drawn by Hillstrom, now under arrest on a charge of taking part in the murders of the grocer and his son.  Hillstrom is said to have used his knack for cartooning for entertaining his friends at the Eslius place in Murray.  The police believe that Applequist kept the one found in his suitcase. 

            Drawn on the reverse side of a programme of the Pantages theater, dated December 24, 1913, the cartoon portrays a murder, such as was committed when Morrison was shot.  The cartoon is entitled “Billy, de Shrimp, Delivering His Famous Spit Ball.”  A dotted line running from the muzzle of the burglar’s revolver marks the path of the bullet, which is shown as having entered the body of the policeman in the neighborhood of the heart, piercing his badge of authority at which the burglar is aiming.

            “I’s got ye da foist time, “ is shown as issuing from the mouth of the masked gunman.  The remark is startlingly like that used at the time of the shooting of Morrison, when one of the slayers was heard to say, “We’ve got you this time.”

            The burglar is rigged out with a pack on his back, a mask and bunch of keys, while from his arm with the keys hangs a black-jack and in his hand is the revolver.  Beard of several days growth is indicated on the thug’s face and he is shown in his stocking feet.  A frin of delight is expressed on his features at the execution done by his shot, the policeman being shown as falling backward. 

            No definite clew as to the whereabouts of Applequist has been found by either the police of the sheriff’s office.  The fact of the man’s disappearance immediately after the murders is regarded as argument of his implication.  According to the police, Hillstrom and Applequist registered at a West Second Couth street rooming house on December 17 and held their room until January 9.  The murders were committed on the night of January 10 and, it is said, neither Hillstrom nor Applequist is known to have visited the room since that time.