Salt Lake Tribune

17 January 1914

Page 16




          SEEN AT EUREKA



Suspect in Morrison Murder

   Case Recognized in Min-

     ing Camp Wednesday.






Applied for Work at a Mine,

     After Which He Dis-




            Otto Applequist, sought as a participant in the Morrison murders, was in Eureka Wednesday, it is now believed his double arrived in Eureka a noon Wednesday, and told of walking there from Salt Lake. 

            At the time, pictures of Applequist had not yet been published, and it was only after the publication that those who saw the man became suspicious.  He was first seen in John Smith’s saloon, which he entered at noon, asking where he could find work.  When he told of having walked from Salt Lake, the bartender gave him a drink.

            Afterward he was seen at a mine, where he applied for work.  So far as is known, he did not find employment in Eureka, nor has he been seen there since Wednesday evening.  It is believed that he left Wednesday night.  A close lookout is being kept for him, in case he is working in some mine and keeping out of sight. 


Also Seen in Tooele.

            Acting Sheriff Atha T. Williams received word yesterday that a man answering the description of Applequist was seen in Tooele Thursday.  This word was brought to Salt Lake by William Mann of Tooele, who told Mr. Williams that the man secured a meal at a boarding house in Tooele.  Later, word was received that a man answering the description of the hunted man was seen boarding a west-bound freight train on the Salt Lake route near Stockton, Thursday night.  Telegrams were sent to all point along the line and a close watch is being kept.  The train on which the suspect left was due to arrive in Caliente tonight.

            Fred Larson, an associate of Applequist, who was arrested Thursday by the police, was released yesterday on bail.  Efforts to connect him with Applequist recently proved fruitless, though he acknowledged being with him several times before and up to Christmas.







            OGDEN. Jan. 16- Believing that if Otto Applequist, the supposed accomplice in the Morrison murders in Salt Lake, was in Ogden since the tragedy last Saturday night, he has long since departed, the local police and sheriff’s force practically gave up their search for the man today.  The officers have not been able to establish that the man seen here last evening and suspected of having been the structural ironworker was really the man wanted by the Salt Lake police.

            The local authorities are convinced that if Hillstrom and Applequist ate the murderers of the Morrisons they are also the men who held up and robbed the Hanson saloon in this city on the night of December 11.  The proprietor and others in the saloon at the time told the police immediately after the robbery that one of the thugs talked with a accent which marked his as either a Swede of Norwegian.  The general description of Applequist tallies with that of one of the Hanson robbers, although the other man cannot be so nearly identified as Hillstrom. 

            Circulars issued by Chief of Police B. F. Grant of Salt Lake, bearing a picture and description of Applequist, together with a notice of Governor Spry’s reward offer, were received by the police and sheriff’s office here today.